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Students share Halloween activities

Despite Halloween being on a Monday this year, students still managed to celebrate.
School was let out early the week before Halloween, and the students had a four-day weekend. Throughout the weekend, there were various events, dances or haunted houses to attend.
“I went to the CYO Haunted House at The Mall,” junior Faith Burdine said. “Then my friend and I went to Walmart to see if people were dressed up in costumes there.”
Besides these exciting events that took place, some students chose to have a quiet Halloween weekend.
“I just went over to my brother’s house,” junior Courtney Hess said. “I handed out candy to the little kids on Halloween night.”
Another thing students did for this haunted weekend was earn a living.
“I had to go to work,” sophomore Jacob Booth said. “I didn’t get to do very much.”

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