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City of Bones Book Review

In the beginning of “City of Bones”the first of Cassandra Clare’s four books in “The Mortal Instruments” series, main protagonist Clary Fray finds herself fascinated with a startling green-eyed boy with spikey blue hair anxiously waiting in line to enter the all-age Pandemonium Club situated in New York City.

Shortly after entering the club and dancing alongside her virtuoso, anime-loving best friend, Simon, Clary caught sight of the bizarre boy she saw earlier being lured into a custodial closet by an odd, yet beautiful girl wearing a long-sleeved dress. Curiosity and fascination kept Clary looking after them when two boys dressed in black slipped into the closet behind them carrying a knife.

Astonished that no one else noticed the boys with the weapon, Clary sent Simon after the bouncers while she hurried toward the oddly dressed trio and the green-eyed boy in hopes of preventing a crime. Clary instead finds herself a witness to a murder that thrusts her into the perilous world of the young Shadowhunters Isabelle, Alec and Jace, part human, part angel warriors dedicated to ridding the world of demons and keeping Downworlders, such as vampires and werewolves in line.

But why Clary could see the three young Shadowhunters was perplexing. Only those with the Sight can see Shadowhunters when they do not wish to be seen and how Clary suddenly obtains it is a mystery.

The numerous twists and countless scenes of nail-biting suspense kept me reading until I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer. The snarky, sarcastic comedy that was weaved effortlessly into the action-packed story of butt-kicking Shadowhunters also contributed towards my love for “The City of Bones.”

In her quest to save her mother who was abducted by her infamous Shadowhunter father, Valentine, Clary finds herself falling in love with the young and handsome Jace. Before the book ends with Valentine escaping through a magic portal, Clary and Jace discovered something that would change their relationship completely. They are brother and sister.

Far from the cliché of happy conclusions, the ending of “The City of Bones” was brilliantly dark and satisfying. I would recommend this book to any science fiction lovers like myself. Bravo, Cassandra Clare.

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