The School Newspaper of Hays High School

Chime In: A collection of student opinions on current events

Students discuss Netflix original show “13 Reasons Why”
Women’s March instigates mixed student reviews
Chime in: Great Bend Rivalry
Trump launches missiles to Syria
Chime In: Student athletes drug testing
Club Penguin shutdown triggers student discussions
Students voice opinions on white supremacists rally in Virginia
High hopes for Trump’s first 100 days, students speak out
Student opinions on Russia’s hacking scandal
Chime In: Students discuss opinions on Billy Sims
Miss Canada’s body shaming inspires student discussions
Chime in: NFL kneeling controversy
Students express opinions on Trump, Putin relationship
Chime in: Muslim ban incites student discussion
Students discuss the Dakota Access Pipeline
Student predictions on presidential election outcome
Students discuss Vine closing down
Fort Lauderdale shootings spark student discussion

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